Steps To Finding Your New Look For Weight Loss

So, as promised, I will give you some concrete steps to find the new look you want to put out there in the world. So, call your favorite department store and ask for a personal shopper (top department stores have FREE personal shoppers), tell them you have a weight issue and need someone to be sensitive to your concerns.

Make an appointment so the shopper can focus on only you. Here’s an opportunity to play- try new looks and buy some pieces that feel sassy.

Now go to the make-up department and ask for a make-over that you can easily repeat daily- ask for things to be explained clearly and that you want to be able to repeat this in 15 minutes  each day.

Next, go to your hair stylist and ask for a consultation on a few new looks and a new direction.

OK ladies, how much fun could this be? Let’s call this “PROJECT YOU.” Be a bit selfish for a while, break the routine, overdress, be a bit flamboyant, enjoy YOU!

It may not go so smoothly on your first attempt, and you may need to take a few trips to the store or find the right people to vibe with your needs and energy. BUT SO WHAT… IT’S PROJECT YOU!

Let it be an adventure in discovering you and your new look.

Did you find some new ideas in here? I bet you didn’t know that department store Personal Shoppers are normally FREE.


Every Ounce Counts

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