Overeating-One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

If eating is one of the greatest pleasures on earth, then to not overeat is naturally going to be one of the grandest challenges. But no one raised us when we were growing up to be aware of this.  So now, here we are, using food as a filler for the holes in our life. Sometimes I think my meals are the only joy I will have today, so why not make them BIG AND JUICY!

The reality of the pain and suffering of being overweight is staggering. No meal I’ve ever had has ever given me enough pleasure to compensate for the damage the weight has caused. And yet the meal beckons…  So here are a few tricks I use to get back in touch with food on a more friendly basis.

Eat slow and savor your food.

Be creative in your menu.

Let yourself have a few NAUGHTY items to keep you satisfied.

Use all tools available (friends, family, O.A., THE GYM).

Being aware of your triggers, removing temptation, and instead, add things that FILL YOU UP SPIRITUALLY.

We are here for YOU…

Do you use food for comfort? How have you dealt with overeating?


Every Ounce Counts

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