Do You Know Your Bad Eating Habits?

We have all developed some bad habits over the years. Let’s take a look at these and weed them out as best we can.

One of my bad habits is my believing that I can have licorice around and not plow through the whole bag.

Another habit is drinking anything but water, and thinking it is somehow low cal- things like diet coke, ice tea, and wine. These all create other problems, and impede weight loss.

A third one- I eat what’s on my plate and in a fattening pattern. I work away, saving the best for LAST, which means I have to eat the whole meal to get to my favorite bite.

If we just pay attention to HOW we eat, we can make small adjustments and end up lighter, sooner. It’s the habits themselves that detract from our progress. And since Every Ounce Counts, each small change (change being the optimum word) is the real answer.

This website is dedicated to offering you options, and alternative pathways to make these changes.


Every Ounce Counts

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