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Tune In- Weight Loss Will Follow

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 by Fable

I woke up to a little dog barking, I was at first irritated. But when I peeked out my window, I saw that he was joyfully romping around and playing, and the barking was just his happy chatter.

So doing what I ask you all to do, I tuned into my body- where was it feeling good and where would it like attention. As I have said before, I have created a routine of incorporating small physical stretches and movements into my morning pattern. Like rolling my shoulders to loosen them up while the coffee is brewing. I do this to start my day- thinking and feeling as positive as possible about my body. I’m IN TUNE with it.

I already have a very positive attitude about how I will eat today and have sort of honored where my body is and know how to care for it. I’m excited to go move around in it and see where I can strengthen it today at the gym.

This week’s focus during my workouts is six 30-min workouts- 20 mins cardio, 10 mins heavy weight lifting. Now, I can stay longer but I am only asking myself to show up, get in and out in 30 mins. The reason is I feel a lot of pressure to get so much done , and yet I want to get in BETTER shape. So I’ll try this this week.

So, go out in the world today and get IN TUNE  with your surroundings. Don’t judge anything until you see what’s really going on and then turn that focus on your body. Feel what’s happening inside. Let it talk to you, then listen and respond.

Every Ounce Counts


How To Help Teens Deal With Obesity

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 by Fable

Teen obesity is a very delicate area for me- I was heavy when I was younger, at many different times.

What I want to get across to any parent raising a child who is heavy is this: Your part in helping your child is limited only to creating a tool box for them. Usually, you are not going to be the person who can teach them to live differently.

Just like you probably can’t teach them piano- kids need OTHER TEACHERS. You as a parent are CONSTANTLY TEACHING and they need a NEUTRAL advocate for this. Actually, they need many different people who do many different things to reach this goal. So, here are some of the tools for the tool box.

You’re the biggest tool, and the way to use yourself is to be an example. Try to NEVER SPEAK of weight loss around your child.

Don’t point out who’s doing the right thing (they know already). Go exercise (don’t invite them). Eat right, cook right, don’t tell them to eat this or that. Slowly remove the really bad stuff from the kitchen and if they ask, say “it was too tempting for me.”

MODEL ONLY, NO PREACHING. Next tool is go do things, be too busy to hang around the house and eat. Be so busy that you have to only grab something to share and tide you over until lunch or dinner. Try asking as a family if there is something you all want to buy, like a Seadoo (yes, an expensive toy, that gets you all out and using your body- very fun). Or a killer vacation that you want to take.

But in order to do this, you have to find the money from somewhere. So you all make some sacrifices- as in no more soda, no wine, eating out only twice a week, and share meals. You can see where I’m going. Set a goal that has nothing to do with losing pounds, just happy shifts in your life. You as a parent, go get food allergy tested. Everyone should. And as you discover your own food guidelines, you can then ask your child to get tested for health reasons ONLY.

Again NEVER say it will help you lose weight! Another tool is a friend or family member they love who you can ask to do things with that are FUN AND USE THEIR BODY (paintball , swimming, off-roading, ocean kayaking). Have someone your child respects ask them if they have tried a personal trainer. Make sure this person assures your child you would be glad to pay for it- a few sessions at a time if they ended up ENJOYING IT.

This cannot be work. We are looking to help your child find JOY in using their body.

Water… drink it, have it around and find a way to get it in your kid.

MONEY… Pay them to eat a salad before every meal you serve them. Kids love their own money. But you have to eat the salad too- be the model.

ASK THEM FOR HELP … If there is exercise you need to do, see if there is a way to enlist your child to assist you in achieving your goal.

BE SUBTLE- KIDS ARE ALWAYS SMARTER THAN PARENTS THINK THEY ARE. Find out what excites them, moves their emotions, and holds their interest. Figure out how to incorporate more of those things in their life. A happy, engaged kid is rarely overweight.

Remember, this is a life shift for your child and you as parents, and it cannot happen overnight. This is forever, so plan on seeing results here and there, and always moving forward is the ONLY goal.

We at Club Weight Loss will be adding many more suggestions and information for you, so keep checking back. We are sure you will find much needed help here.


Every Ounce counts

Exercise…. AAHH!!

Monday, November 8th, 2010 by Fable

Ok, let’s get to the nitty gritty. Very few creatures on this planet work out consistently, love it and can’t wait to get to the gym without any difficulties. For the rest of us, there are a myriad of problems.

So I’ll explain mine. And it might set a course for you getting hold of yours. I enjoy the gym, I would go 5 times a week, but I have a job, a son, a group of friends, and a family. And if the day gets behind schedule, the first thing off my list is working out.

If I’m tired the first thing off my list is the workout.

If I get an invite to go play, guess what? I play instead of work out.

Then there are these great stretches of maybe 3 weeks where my life is consistent. I go to the gym every other day and my body, mind and spirit are aligned. I could be one of those rigid people who never stray from their routine but I’d be fighting my true nature. I get that if I didn’t have to go to work I could solve this problem tomorrow, BUT a Rockefeller I’m not.

So what really is your workout hold out? Do you really dislike it or are you so overweight you can’t find a way to begin? Are you bored at the gym? Do you really have a physical problem that stops you. Please find your answer, then write down 5 ways to conquer it. My 5 are…

1. Shift my schedule at work just slightly

2. Get up earlier

3. Say no to to interruptions more often

4. Get videos on my iPhone to watch while working out

5. Find  exercise that incorporates my social life

What are your five answers or solutions? What’s your biggest obstacle?


Remember, Every Ounce Counts.

Launch Pads for Weight Loss

Sunday, November 7th, 2010 by Fable

Every rocket needs a LAUNCH PAD to get off the ground. And so do we in our path to weight management and control process.

So where do these launch pads come from? I’m sure you, my beloved reader, have had a shift in your life happen, and all of the sudden you’re on a roll and it seems like nothing can make you eat wrong. Then just as suddenly, or so it seems, you’re in a downward spiral and all your “MOJO” is history.

So since we all dream and drool over the  thought of quick weight loss, what if we could CREATE OUR OWN  launch pads? What if we can learn to design scenarios in our world that position us on a launch pad of our own.

Well … I’ll give you some that I build into my life to lose weight and get exercise. But if we, as a village, share all these ideas, we can build some very strong Launch pads. More importantly, we go PAD HOPPING and try out different ideas. Remember- RUT and BOREDOM ARE DEMONS .

Here is a list of my mini launch pads to get me motivated again and again.

1. Exercise with a friend

2. Buy something a bit tight and try it on each morning

3. Plan a night out on the town  where I want to look my best

4. Book a DR.s appt know ing he helps me with my weight struggle

5. Help other women with understanding where they are in their weight loss path

6. See my therapist for a check up on my head

7. Pick a stressor and remove it

8. DIET COKE? Yup. It tickles my tongue and the caffeine gives me a lift, and it feels like a treat so I get a sprinkle of satisfaction.

Sometimes all we can muster is a temporary fix. But enough temporary fixes can get a through a tough time until we are able to stay on track.


Remember- Every Ounce Counts!