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The Stomach Pacemaker And Weight Loss

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 by Fable

Yes, yes, yes… There is and always will be some new GIMMICK, PROGRAM, or GURU that has “THE ANSWER.”  Truth be told, just eating for health rather than entertainment, and being active and athletically involved in something regularly is, of course, the real “ANSWER”  BUT…
We as humans are never going to be strong in every aspect of what would make our life easier and healthier. SOOOOOOOO…

Let’s talk turkey about these options other than eating right and exercising. This particular “new option,” The Stomach Pacemaker, sends eletrical pulses that gently stimulate your stomach and tell it it is full after eating only a small amount of food. How does this sound to me? Hunky dory.. If it seems like you would be comfortable trying it, great!  Try one, try them all! All I ask is that you choose your alternative option in a way that works in your lifestyle, for you and your family, and your work. It isn’t smart to ruin one part of your life to fix another.

I don’t believe that we are weak and somehow bad because we have a weakness in one area of our lives. And I think finding the answer to your weight loss issues make you strong. So if you have struggled for too long trying to lose naturally, go the alternative route. Just do your research, choose carefully, and go for it.

Being overweight is a constant drain on joyful living, and it’s unhealthy. So if you need to put in a lap band for a while, so what. The side effect of not trying is continued disintegration of your body and, in my not-so-humble opinion, your mind. Being fat is low-level torture, day in and day out.

I for one, wanted it out of my way. I didn’t choose gastric bypass but maybe you should. Ask your doctor. Today!

If hypnosis puts you in the proper state of mind, schedule it regularly (like you get your nails done!).

Just do “SOMETHING.” Try everything until you get where you want to be. I’m always experimenting with new stuff to keep my “WEAKNESS” under control. This is a way of life. Every single person has an area where they just can’t be strong. EVERYONE. Some are just really good at hiding it. We, as overweight people, cannot hide our weakness. Gamblers hide their weakness. Adulterers hide theirs. What if your weakness was wealth and power? Bernie Madoff successfully hid that weakness for decades. Personally, I’d chose a plate of nachos over destroying so many people’s lives.

Remember, Every Ounce Counts


New Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 by Fable

I feel your pain. Last year the weight didn’t come off. Another year has started and though the rush of optimism is still flowing… you’re back to work already, there are things to do around the house, and you can feel the tug of routine calling.


I’m TELLING you that you and your body MUST be the priority, and it will positively effect your family and career. You must lose weight while gaining health.

Set your goals to trade out fat for strength, weight for joyful experiences, and empty calories for nourishing nutrients. You cannot go through this year like last year. Change the RUT!  So here’s a quick jump start for this January.

1. Set a 3 pound goal.

2. Put something fun on your calendar you must look good for before the end of January.

3. Find a way to move your body that you like ( challenge every thought you have about what you don’t like, you’re pre-judging).

4. Drink the water- stop fighting it!

5. Get strong- strong muscles make us feel cocky and sexy, period. Is there any reason you don’t want to feel like that?

6. Get a little VAIN. Choose to look as desirable as possible (would YOU ask yourself out today?).

7. Expect people to notice the change in you, go into wherever you go and expect a compliment on how you look, get hooked on that feeling.

8. Realize that no one pays attention to someone who is overweight if the person is interesting to chat with and be around, so be interesting, not boring.

9. Eat a small salad before every dinner. Dinner is the meal before the least active part of your day, so eat lighter.

10. GO TO THE GYM! ( even if for only 15 minutes go everyday for a week) This will take the fear away and acquaint you with a rhythm of incorporating this into your life.

I know I was unusually abrupt. But you’re not a child and we have work to do. I want you feeling sexy, strong, and ready to enjoy life at a whole new level this year!

Every Ounce Counts!!!!!!


Making Changes For Weight Loss and Self-Esteem

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 by Fable

This year I promised myself to make some lifestyle changes. For me, any “rut” dampens my spirit. Some routine is good, but “rut” is a slow, numbing death for me. So I chose the three categories I feel make a balanced life: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

For my Mind- cooking classes and creating a webinar, a teaching tool on something I’m passionate about.

For my Body- I like yoga, I’m so inflexible and my mind needed practice focusing. I’m a shallow breather and yoga works all these areas.

For my Spirit- I went and saw the whales and I’m currently searching for a charity that’s a fit for me.

So why am I sharing this? I’ve lost 7 lbs since November. I believe we must be active in our world at large. Rut is damaging to our psyche which hurts our bodies. I promised myself change and change is here. So my spirit is lifted, I’m no longer obsessed with meals all day.

Once you make a few changes, they becomes your light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. You start to BRING CHANGE ABOUT ON YOUR OWN. You start to plan changes.

This blog is really a check-in for our new year’s resolutions. Is this year feeling different?… Choose something for the mind, body, and spirit today. Go find three things to SHIFT YOUR LIFE.

Trust me, everyone in your life will benefit.


And always remember- EVERY OUNCE COUNTS!

Look Better Naked? An Overweight Woman’s Biggest Fear

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 by Fable

Look better naked? OMG!

That’s the position being put out there in a new book by Woman’s Health magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Michele Promaulayko.

Here’s what she says about her new book:

“Look better naked. Does any word cut so close to the core of our deepest insecurities? When we’re naked, it’s not just our bodies that are on exhibit—it’s our hearts, our souls, our very self-worth that feels exposed and ripe for criticism. And if you’re like most women, you know that no one can be as hard on you as well, you.

As the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, I hear from women every single day who share their greatest fears and their deepest anxieties about their bodies. And invariably, those stem from one thing: how they look naked.

That’s why this book is for you: If you’ve ever looked in a mirror at your naked self and felt anything other than spectacular, then you’ve come to the right place. Look Better Naked is for women who want to look hotter, live healthier, and—perhaps most important of all—feel more confident, in clothes or out of them.”

What do you think about Michele Promaulayko’s book? Do you think 6-weeks gives you enough time? Probably a little tough right now, given the holiday season, parties, food, family, and stockings stuffed with goodies.