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Making Changes For Weight Loss and Self-Esteem

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 by Fable

This year I promised myself to make some lifestyle changes. For me, any “rut” dampens my spirit. Some routine is good, but “rut” is a slow, numbing death for me. So I chose the three categories I feel make a balanced life: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

For my Mind- cooking classes and creating a webinar, a teaching tool on something I’m passionate about.

For my Body- I like yoga, I’m so inflexible and my mind needed practice focusing. I’m a shallow breather and yoga works all these areas.

For my Spirit- I went and saw the whales and I’m currently searching for a charity that’s a fit for me.

So why am I sharing this? I’ve lost 7 lbs since November. I believe we must be active in our world at large. Rut is damaging to our psyche which hurts our bodies. I promised myself change and change is here. So my spirit is lifted, I’m no longer obsessed with meals all day.

Once you make a few changes, they becomes your light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. You start to BRING CHANGE ABOUT ON YOUR OWN. You start to plan changes.

This blog is really a check-in for our new year’s resolutions. Is this year feeling different?… Choose something for the mind, body, and spirit today. Go find three things to SHIFT YOUR LIFE.

Trust me, everyone in your life will benefit.


And always remember- EVERY OUNCE COUNTS!

What Makes You Happy?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 by Fable

There is no food on earth to fill your empty spirit or any hole in your life. Since there will always be missing pieces in our puzzle at any given moment, day, or year, you will need to find something other than food to bridge these gaps.

Again, I will ask you to go on a treasure hunt with me and learn about you. Is there something you do that completely makes you happy? Next time you’re doing it, watch and see if you think about food at all.

Every Ounce Counts

Failure vs Process: You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Lose Weight

Sunday, November 28th, 2010 by Fable

When we let go of the fear to fail and know that we’re going to have a bad meal, a bad food day, a day without working out, and add a pint of ice cream to the equation, we get a completely LOST WEEK!

If you keep in mind at all times that it’s the year that matters and lunch counts even though you blew breakfast, let go of the pressure to be perfect (the worst word ever created). Move on and stop thinking about what you didn’t accomplish and focus on all the things you DID RIGHT today.

Just look to the next opportunity to win, a gift of strength for you and your body. That release of negativity can send you sailing into days on end of healthy behavior.

What do you find to be your most common falling-down point? What are your strengths?


Every Ounce Counts

Losing Weight 101- What’s Eating You?

Sunday, November 28th, 2010 by Fable

So today I handled a situation that I normally would have stressed about for months and let the constant aggravation make me crazy. I would usually suck up the disregarding attitude toward me and wait and hope the person would do the right thing. I simply stated the options that were available now that worked for me.

One option put me in a worse financial state, and the other one, much better. But going in, I knew either way MY LIFE would be better. I CHOSE HAPPINESS. I chose it over money and convenience. I stood up for me, what was right, and HAPPINESS. I love that word.

So why tell you all this? Because it screams out “the monster under the bed” of why we overeat. “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE EATING, IT’S WHAT’S EATING YOU.” So I ask you today, find a quiet space and write down a list of what’s eating you. Split this list into 3 sections. Title them Handle It Today, Handle It This Month, and find a way to Handle It All Together.

This last section is for the big stuff, a job you can’t leave right away, a relationship, an illness, or a behavior on your part you are struggling with.

Under Handle It Today, you might just be moving your desk at work, or throwing something away that gets in your way, or planning a night out with the girls that will give a spot of HAPPINESS on the horizon (this is HUGE for me- I must have my next happy spot on the calendar). By the time you get through the first two sections your emotional muscles will be strong enough to support you through the last section.

If a pencil holder is in a place that bugs you… move it. If a person is in a place that bugs you … move that, too.


Remember- Every ounce Counts