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Energy For Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 by Fable

ENERGY. That elusive element that we allow to determine weather or not we will do what we wanted to today. Energy is the key to accomplishment. Have you ever gone to a motivational seminar? These people are ENERGETIC. Try not to confuse being animated  with being energetic. I heard General Colin Powell speak and though he wasn’t animated you could feel his energy and passion pouring through his message.

So then what robs us of this precious resource? Well, we all know that poor health and poor eating habits are a big factor. But what about the little things like arguing a point with a coworker, watching the news too much, being dehydrated, answering every email, call or text.

What about creating more drama than needed? Dr. Condoleezza Rice calls it “nuclear war or paper clips?” She had only those two categories for life problems. We live in a sound bite sensationalized WOW or nothing society. Try removing all the energy away from anything that doesn’t get you where you want and need to be. Say no to everyone who isn’t in an actual 911 situation just for a week. I bet nothing bad will happen and I bet you’ll have more ENERGY.

Lastly, try not to believe yourself when you say I’m too tired. It’s a catch all phrase for sad, mad, temporarily depressed, or pouting.


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