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Awareness? Crucial for Weight Loss. Crucial for Life.

Monday, January 31st, 2011 by Fable

So I really don’t want to waste time going over the whole “awareness is the first step” garbage, (even though it is). Really what needs to be said, is that once you recognize you have difficulty overcoming a problem, you should immediately seek out a therapist, and get to work. To go the conventional route of trying everything everyone else has tried without pulling up the roots of the underlying reason you’re misbehaving in the first place, is just a huge mistake, and a self-imposed maze of confusion and misdirection.

Can’t we teach in school that it is okay, and expected, that we will have areas in our lives that we SUCK AT. And then teach us the warning sign,s and then show us where in our phone to put our therapist on speed dial. Yes I’m being dramatic, but I think it hits fairly close to home, right? Humility and self awareness are great partners. And every time we openly acknowledge our shortcomings, we let those around us breathe a sigh of “oh thank God, I’m not the only one.”

Just get off your own back, stop thinking you’re going to be strong enough to overcome every weakness on your own, and get some help SOLVING AND ELIMINATING PROBLEMS!!

Whew!!!! what a rant.

And remember…Every Ounce Counts!

How To Help Teens Deal With Obesity

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 by Fable

Teen obesity is a very delicate area for me- I was heavy when I was younger, at many different times.

What I want to get across to any parent raising a child who is heavy is this: Your part in helping your child is limited only to creating a tool box for them. Usually, you are not going to be the person who can teach them to live differently.

Just like you probably can’t teach them piano- kids need OTHER TEACHERS. You as a parent are CONSTANTLY TEACHING and they need a NEUTRAL advocate for this. Actually, they need many different people who do many different things to reach this goal. So, here are some of the tools for the tool box.

You’re the biggest tool, and the way to use yourself is to be an example. Try to NEVER SPEAK of weight loss around your child.

Don’t point out who’s doing the right thing (they know already). Go exercise (don’t invite them). Eat right, cook right, don’t tell them to eat this or that. Slowly remove the really bad stuff from the kitchen and if they ask, say “it was too tempting for me.”

MODEL ONLY, NO PREACHING. Next tool is go do things, be too busy to hang around the house and eat. Be so busy that you have to only grab something to share and tide you over until lunch or dinner. Try asking as a family if there is something you all want to buy, like a Seadoo (yes, an expensive toy, that gets you all out and using your body- very fun). Or a killer vacation that you want to take.

But in order to do this, you have to find the money from somewhere. So you all make some sacrifices- as in no more soda, no wine, eating out only twice a week, and share meals. You can see where I’m going. Set a goal that has nothing to do with losing pounds, just happy shifts in your life. You as a parent, go get food allergy tested. Everyone should. And as you discover your own food guidelines, you can then ask your child to get tested for health reasons ONLY.

Again NEVER say it will help you lose weight! Another tool is a friend or family member they love who you can ask to do things with that are FUN AND USE THEIR BODY (paintball , swimming, off-roading, ocean kayaking). Have someone your child respects ask them if they have tried a personal trainer. Make sure this person assures your child you would be glad to pay for it- a few sessions at a time if they ended up ENJOYING IT.

This cannot be work. We are looking to help your child find JOY in using their body.

Water… drink it, have it around and find a way to get it in your kid.

MONEY… Pay them to eat a salad before every meal you serve them. Kids love their own money. But you have to eat the salad too- be the model.

ASK THEM FOR HELP … If there is exercise you need to do, see if there is a way to enlist your child to assist you in achieving your goal.

BE SUBTLE- KIDS ARE ALWAYS SMARTER THAN PARENTS THINK THEY ARE. Find out what excites them, moves their emotions, and holds their interest. Figure out how to incorporate more of those things in their life. A happy, engaged kid is rarely overweight.

Remember, this is a life shift for your child and you as parents, and it cannot happen overnight. This is forever, so plan on seeing results here and there, and always moving forward is the ONLY goal.

We at Club Weight Loss will be adding many more suggestions and information for you, so keep checking back. We are sure you will find much needed help here.


Every Ounce counts

The Shell Game

Monday, November 1st, 2010 by Fable

I have a very close friend who, when looking at her, you would notice a perfect body, beautiful face, and everything is in balance. But being in her life, I see how hard she works at maintaining herself. What she does do, though, is play a shell game with her food all day and all week.

Here’s how the game works…

She loves breakfast, so she always cooks an omelet with cheese and veggies, always has lunch, salad and protein, and never misses a dinner. NEVER MISSES A MEAL AT ALL.  So, if today she’s feeling really hungry in the am, she’ll add more cheese, if she’s not very hungry she skips the cheese and only has a 3 egg-white omelet, ( she’s BANKING CALORIES for later).

It’s lunch time and she’s  really hungry!  Alright then, she uses her BANK ACCOUNT to add something extra to her lunch. If she’s going to eat out for dinner and  drink wine, she banks somewhere during the day so she can have the wine.

Ok, so you have the concept of hiding calories from yourself. But I bet you’re sitting there reading this, and you’re going tell me something I don’t know, right? Listen-We know how to do a lot of things … We just don’t make it a basic day-to-day ritual. My friend actually enjoys this game she plays with her food. She gets a kick out of being able to eat when she really wants to.  She’ll tell you how much she loves food. She’s just got a handle on what to eat, but mostly WHEN.

Look back on maybe a holiday or special night out when you saved up all day so you wouldn’t ruin your appetite for dinner. You’ve done this over and over. Now it’s time to use the shell game as a basic part of our eating routine.

When I say “EVERY OUNCE COUNTS” I mean it. Shave off a 100 calories here, 75 there and 30 off this item and it just sort of becomes fun to see where you can hide some calories under a shell from yourself.  Think before you eat, or while you’re cooking, where can I squirrel  away some calories for a snack later. Snacking has been given a bad rap. So eat a scoop less tuna on your salad today, and have a snack at two o clock with an iced tea and see if it’s more fun to eat this way.

Let me know.. Share your  shell game experience here in the comments, or with us on our member forum.


Every Ounce Counts

Quick Weight Loss Versus Process

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 by Fable

Today, I want to discuss the concept of losing weight quickly vs. the process of becoming healthy, and reshaping our bodies.  Let’s decide to finally do away with immediate gratification and treat our bodies as if we were learning a new language.

And for most of us, we are learning a new language. All we’ve been taught to do is chase some fast-paced rabbit around the crash diet track.

Your new ideal of the right weight and level of health is to be decided by you.

Do YOU feel that energy that comes from vitality? Are you in an acceptable weight range for your height and activity level? Are you putting on your calendar things you love to do, or are you uncomfortable still because of how you look or your strength level?

If crash dieting worked, we would all be thin because we’ve all done it, REPEATEDLY. Let’s instead put more emphasis on BECOMING AS HEALTHY AS WE CAN, and I guarantee we will lose weight in the process.

If you need your comfort food today, have it. But have a big veggie-filled salad first.

If you gotta have your diet coke, have your water first. Take the supplements your “NUTRITIONALIST” gave you (see how I sneak that in all the time).

Want that bagel with cream cheese? Fine, then for dinner you need to cut calories and add something healthy to balance the day.

It’s project you.  Reshaping, redefining, and falling back in love with you.


Every Ounce Counts