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Drinking Diet Coke Does Not Mean You’re On A Diet

Friday, February 11th, 2011 by admin

Remember- the taller you are, the easier it is to be slender. But trust me, you still have to work at it.

James Duigan has been Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer for the last 15 years and he’s recently revealed the secrets behind her enviable figure. He believes that the first step to weight loss is a strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Duigan offers these tips to lose weight and stick to your diet:

*Make the commitment! Find the determination to make changes to your eating habits and, most importantly, to stick to your diet.

*Eat clean and lean – eliminate processed foods from your diet.

*You need to eat lean and clean. Once you get that right, everything else will fall into place.

*Cut out wheat and sugar. Eating processed, low-fat food and drinking diet coke does not mean you’re on a diet.

“It’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s sugar.”

Duigan doesn’t believe in diets that make you count calories, measure portions or ban certain foods. He thinks these types of diets are a waste of time and a solution to lose weight, but only for a short period of time.

*Find the exercise that works best for you. Not everybody can do certain exercises so it’s better to experiment and find those exercises that fit you.

His last tip is to stretch before bed, it’ll help you get a flat tummy.

Duigan is a real believer in these tips, saying that if these are followed properly, anyone can get to have a fit body in about a month.

And trust me- they believe that EVERY OUNCE COUNTS.

Do you find Duigan’s advice do-able? Believable?
Can you find a way to incorporate these ideas into your lifestyle?

Fashion Over Fat

Monday, December 13th, 2010 by Fable

We have all heard it and said it, “I don’t want to buy clothes until I lose weight.” Well my friends, we all know how that has worked out, don’t we?

I challenge that behavior completely. Never wait to better yourself! EVER! Life is ticking by faster than you think and I never wanted to go out in the world looking dumpy, even at my heaviest .

Consequently, most people don’t remember how heavy I really was. They remember I always looked pretty, and should lose some weight, but they don’t remember me as FAT. I was practiced in the art of distraction.

Hair, make up, and a fashionable look was in place at all times.  With this, my self-esteem wasn’t taking constant hits-  I was able to live a much-easier heavy life than most which enabled me to find a healthier road. And finally, a weight which, although is not IDEAL, is 60 lbs lighter than before.

Don’t waste one more minute of your life looking anything less than your best. And I mean even when you’re going to the super market, in case you run into friends, you should always look SASSY, period!

This one change will power your weight loss over the next few months- IF you are consistent and excited about putting yourself together. In another blog I will give you ideas on how to achieve this simply and efficiently without laying out a ton of money.

What are you favorite ways to make yourself look sassy?

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Every Once Counts

Steps To Finding Your New Look For Weight Loss

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 by Fable

So, as promised, I will give you some concrete steps to find the new look you want to put out there in the world. So, call your favorite department store and ask for a personal shopper (top department stores have FREE personal shoppers), tell them you have a weight issue and need someone to be sensitive to your concerns.

Make an appointment so the shopper can focus on only you. Here’s an opportunity to play- try new looks and buy some pieces that feel sassy.

Now go to the make-up department and ask for a make-over that you can easily repeat daily- ask for things to be explained clearly and that you want to be able to repeat this in 15 minutes  each day.

Next, go to your hair stylist and ask for a consultation on a few new looks and a new direction.

OK ladies, how much fun could this be? Let’s call this “PROJECT YOU.” Be a bit selfish for a while, break the routine, overdress, be a bit flamboyant, enjoy YOU!

It may not go so smoothly on your first attempt, and you may need to take a few trips to the store or find the right people to vibe with your needs and energy. BUT SO WHAT… IT’S PROJECT YOU!

Let it be an adventure in discovering you and your new look.

Did you find some new ideas in here? I bet you didn’t know that department store Personal Shoppers are normally FREE.


Every Ounce Counts

Getting Out Of Depressive Cycles

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 by Fable

I, like anybody else, can get depressed, but I am lucky- my depressive states are at a low level and don’t usually last very long. Right now I’m in a place where I want to come home every night,  make dinner, watch a movie, and go to bed early. That’s not me or good for controlling my weight. So I’ve broken it down- I must do the behavior that I do when I’m not depressed.

My normal behavior is to go to the gym, spend time working on a project that fills me spiritually, schedule in some fun, and if I’m going to cook, it will be light and healthy. Now, at first when I go to the gym, I’ll be grouchy about it and not work out very well. That will change into being so impressed with myself that I’ll want to go to the gym more. The workouts flood my body with healthy chemicals and energy which in turn crush the depression.

Simultaneously I’m eating well and have something fun to look forward to. Of course, I want to wear something cute to look good for this, so I’m on the right track again.


It’s a cycle that we all go through- it’s just that I’ve discovered how to work myself out of it. I’ve learned how to shorten the bad part of the cycle so that most of my life is spent in for the good part of the cycle. Remember, I want you to enjoy “PROJECT YOU.” So go find out how to get yourself excited about your body, how to love it, stop criticizing it, and shift it into a Happier Place.

Happy =better treatment of self.


Remember- Every Ounce Counts