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Vanity Fair? How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 by Fable

Oh I think so. I want to give a sort of disclaimer here in the beginning. I dislike arrogance. Immensely. So when I chat with you here on vanity, I want you to think of it as a tool to keep your motivation up.

When I was very overweight I used my love of fashion and vanity to dress and do my hair and makeup so that people could see past my physical faults and see ME. It worked like a charm. And I will tell you that on the days where I was just getting by and didn’t primp and style my look, I was treated differently, by others and myself. And food is ever-present in our minds when our self esteem is taking a hit.

So, to list all your wishes for your appearance, and begin the process of physically self-loving you is where your priority must be.

I have an upcoming event with my work associates and I’m now tackling a body issue that has plagued me for decades. Will I conquer this? I don’t know yet, but I chose it from my physical wish list and I’m giving it the full court press. I’m able to focus in certain areas of my world extremely well, so now I will focus on this.

All I know is, when I present myself well in the world I lose my desire to overeat. The compliments I receive are fuel for my motivation to lose more weight and increase my health, and primp even more. And there is a mentoring effect that this gives off. Those who have watched me struggle, or I have shared my story with, feel free to ask me how they can look better. Which in turn gives them the “MOJO” to watch what they eat and even exercise.

Is vanity now a force for good? I say yes. Use every weapon in your arsenal, and always be acquiring newer weapons. Like a new dress, add one new exercise into your routine that works on something from your physical wish list. Do you get the point? YOU are a project… Play and tweak and experiment with YOU!

Tell us how you have used vanity to your advantage. Share with us what has worked and what you struggled with.

Remember- Every Ounce Counts!


Fashion Over Fat

Monday, December 13th, 2010 by Fable

We have all heard it and said it, “I don’t want to buy clothes until I lose weight.” Well my friends, we all know how that has worked out, don’t we?

I challenge that behavior completely. Never wait to better yourself! EVER! Life is ticking by faster than you think and I never wanted to go out in the world looking dumpy, even at my heaviest .

Consequently, most people don’t remember how heavy I really was. They remember I always looked pretty, and should lose some weight, but they don’t remember me as FAT. I was practiced in the art of distraction.

Hair, make up, and a fashionable look was in place at all times.  With this, my self-esteem wasn’t taking constant hits-  I was able to live a much-easier heavy life than most which enabled me to find a healthier road. And finally, a weight which, although is not IDEAL, is 60 lbs lighter than before.

Don’t waste one more minute of your life looking anything less than your best. And I mean even when you’re going to the super market, in case you run into friends, you should always look SASSY, period!

This one change will power your weight loss over the next few months- IF you are consistent and excited about putting yourself together. In another blog I will give you ideas on how to achieve this simply and efficiently without laying out a ton of money.

What are you favorite ways to make yourself look sassy?

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Every Once Counts

It’s THEIR 15 Pounds!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 by admin

I was somewhere I never go, a crazy fun place where a very different group of people gather. The fascinating thing was, MOST of the women were a bit on the chubby side and were fine with it. They were wearing tighter clothes and low-cut jeans, small pieces of fabric that I think were supposed to be tops. These women were showing off, and completely owning their look. Trust me, the men were in costume as well, but it was the response of the men that held my attention.

Most of the women were really flaunting it, and the look was obvious and over the top. But then, a really pretty woman would show up and have dialed the look back a bit, have a genuine smile, not watching to see who’s checking her out, and she would get lots of attention …initially.

As the afternoon progressed, I would see the same men who spoke with her latching on to the trashier and less-together women there.This was freaking me out. How can these guys pass up classy, still sexy, and seemingly smarter women?

The men were moving on because the ‘together’ woman isn’t what they want, RIGHT NOW. They were hunting… And like any predator, they will take down the easy prey first- less work. They don’t want a connection, or conversation.

So you’re asking yourself, why is Fable writing THIS article for Club Weight Loss? Because women, especially single women, are always under the impression that it’s their weight, or their chest size, or hair color that limits the men who will give them the time of day. The real WEIGHTY issue here is, that it’s their 10 pounds of fear, their 10 pounds of commitment issues, or the fact that their last girlfriend blew them off for Mr. Porsche.

My point? It’s not your 10 pounds, or 20… It’s theirs. Listen, we have all experienced getting to know someone who we initially did not like the look of for whatever reason. Then over a usually short period of time, they are a happy part of your life- a valued friend or coworker, even a love.
So when you are passed up, left behind or not included, ask yourself do you know where that person’s head is at? If not, why assume your body has anything to do with it ? Just be a W.O.W! A woman of worth, that’s your job.

Your ‘diet’ is to cut out all the self-deprecating garbage, the self-doubt, and lack of belief in your place in this world. The universe just did you a favor, by editing for you.

And what about the mother who constantly criticizes her daughter… HER 15 POUNDS. The father who needs his son to be a sports star… HIS 15 POUNDS OF LOST DREAMS. The husband who never acknowledges the weight loss his wife has accomplished… HIS 15 POUNDS OF FEAR THAT SHE WILL NO LONGER NEED HIM.

Members- go to the Private Diary section of our site and put down a couple examples of people you initially didn’t like, but then loved.  And ask yourself, who’s 15 pounds is it really? Remember it’s usually not YOU.

Remember- Every Ounce Counts.