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The Stomach Pacemaker And Weight Loss

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 by Fable

Yes, yes, yes… There is and always will be some new GIMMICK, PROGRAM, or GURU that has “THE ANSWER.”  Truth be told, just eating for health rather than entertainment, and being active and athletically involved in something regularly is, of course, the real “ANSWER”  BUT…
We as humans are never going to be strong in every aspect of what would make our life easier and healthier. SOOOOOOOO…

Let’s talk turkey about these options other than eating right and exercising. This particular “new option,” The Stomach Pacemaker, sends eletrical pulses that gently stimulate your stomach and tell it it is full after eating only a small amount of food. How does this sound to me? Hunky dory.. If it seems like you would be comfortable trying it, great!  Try one, try them all! All I ask is that you choose your alternative option in a way that works in your lifestyle, for you and your family, and your work. It isn’t smart to ruin one part of your life to fix another.

I don’t believe that we are weak and somehow bad because we have a weakness in one area of our lives. And I think finding the answer to your weight loss issues make you strong. So if you have struggled for too long trying to lose naturally, go the alternative route. Just do your research, choose carefully, and go for it.

Being overweight is a constant drain on joyful living, and it’s unhealthy. So if you need to put in a lap band for a while, so what. The side effect of not trying is continued disintegration of your body and, in my not-so-humble opinion, your mind. Being fat is low-level torture, day in and day out.

I for one, wanted it out of my way. I didn’t choose gastric bypass but maybe you should. Ask your doctor. Today!

If hypnosis puts you in the proper state of mind, schedule it regularly (like you get your nails done!).

Just do “SOMETHING.” Try everything until you get where you want to be. I’m always experimenting with new stuff to keep my “WEAKNESS” under control. This is a way of life. Every single person has an area where they just can’t be strong. EVERYONE. Some are just really good at hiding it. We, as overweight people, cannot hide our weakness. Gamblers hide their weakness. Adulterers hide theirs. What if your weakness was wealth and power? Bernie Madoff successfully hid that weakness for decades. Personally, I’d chose a plate of nachos over destroying so many people’s lives.

Remember, Every Ounce Counts


Five Instant Ways Not To Overeat

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 by Fable

Here you go. Quick, easy tips that’ll help you to cut down on how much you eat.

1. Drink 6-8 oz. of water before every meal.

2. No alcohol issues? Drink half a glass of wine BEFORE dinner.

3. In the morning, use vitamins and healthy supplements to keep your energy as high as possible.

4. Eat a low-sugar, low-cal cookie or slice of bread before a meal.

5. Do 30 minutes of cardio as soon as you wake up- those endorphins will keep you jacked up all day.

Remember, Every Ounce Counts.


Losing Weight 101- What’s Eating You?

Sunday, November 28th, 2010 by Fable

So today I handled a situation that I normally would have stressed about for months and let the constant aggravation make me crazy. I would usually suck up the disregarding attitude toward me and wait and hope the person would do the right thing. I simply stated the options that were available now that worked for me.

One option put me in a worse financial state, and the other one, much better. But going in, I knew either way MY LIFE would be better. I CHOSE HAPPINESS. I chose it over money and convenience. I stood up for me, what was right, and HAPPINESS. I love that word.

So why tell you all this? Because it screams out “the monster under the bed” of why we overeat. “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE EATING, IT’S WHAT’S EATING YOU.” So I ask you today, find a quiet space and write down a list of what’s eating you. Split this list into 3 sections. Title them Handle It Today, Handle It This Month, and find a way to Handle It All Together.

This last section is for the big stuff, a job you can’t leave right away, a relationship, an illness, or a behavior on your part you are struggling with.

Under Handle It Today, you might just be moving your desk at work, or throwing something away that gets in your way, or planning a night out with the girls that will give a spot of HAPPINESS on the horizon (this is HUGE for me- I must have my next happy spot on the calendar). By the time you get through the first two sections your emotional muscles will be strong enough to support you through the last section.

If a pencil holder is in a place that bugs you… move it. If a person is in a place that bugs you … move that, too.


Remember- Every ounce Counts

Getting Out Of Depressive Cycles

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 by Fable

I, like anybody else, can get depressed, but I am lucky- my depressive states are at a low level and don’t usually last very long. Right now I’m in a place where I want to come home every night,  make dinner, watch a movie, and go to bed early. That’s not me or good for controlling my weight. So I’ve broken it down- I must do the behavior that I do when I’m not depressed.

My normal behavior is to go to the gym, spend time working on a project that fills me spiritually, schedule in some fun, and if I’m going to cook, it will be light and healthy. Now, at first when I go to the gym, I’ll be grouchy about it and not work out very well. That will change into being so impressed with myself that I’ll want to go to the gym more. The workouts flood my body with healthy chemicals and energy which in turn crush the depression.

Simultaneously I’m eating well and have something fun to look forward to. Of course, I want to wear something cute to look good for this, so I’m on the right track again.


It’s a cycle that we all go through- it’s just that I’ve discovered how to work myself out of it. I’ve learned how to shorten the bad part of the cycle so that most of my life is spent in for the good part of the cycle. Remember, I want you to enjoy “PROJECT YOU.” So go find out how to get yourself excited about your body, how to love it, stop criticizing it, and shift it into a Happier Place.

Happy =better treatment of self.


Remember- Every Ounce Counts