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Health vs Weight Loss

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 by Fable

There are some foods you may eat that are fatty or not as nutritious as they could be. But as I have said before, not every meal needs to be about weight loss, it can be just about gaining health.

For example, I bought a new bread that is much healthier than the one I normally get. It doesn’t have the taste I like but if I put a bit more butter on it I can eat it and get the benefit of the raw grains. I’ve said before that I make a salad with 7 raw vegetables in it, but I use a lot of dressing to get myself to eat it. It’s not the most low calorie meal, but certainly the healthiest I eat.

Healthy meals do not always necessarily mean they are low in calories. Sometimes it is important to have those red meats and carbs to get the protein. In order to exercise you must have energy which these foods give you.