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Written by Max Buddenbrock   
Gwyneth Paltrow dropped 20 pounds after completing her role in up-coming movie Country Strong.

Paltrow's personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, says it was difficult to sit by and watch Gwyneth put on 20 pounds to play an alcoholic country singer in Country Strong. But, Anderson says, she had faith that Paltrow wouldbe able to lose the role-dependent weight quickly.

"They wanted her to eat a lot of fried chicken," Anderson said at the movie's premiere November 8, 2010 in Nashville. "It was frustrating for me, but they wanted her to gain."

"When I trained her for the first Iron Man movie, I took 30 pounds off her," Anderson said. "And she's been consistent ever since."
Anderson has been Paltrow's personal trainer for years. According to Anderson, this was the first time the scale began to move in the upward direction. 

Once the Country Strong role came along, Paltrow immersed herself in the Nashville scene, and fell in love with Music City's Southern-style cuisine along the way. "She's never been a dieter, she loves to eat," Anderson says. 

After filming was completed, Paltrow resumed her normal exercise routine, dropping the weight immediately. She didn't even need to kick it up a notch, says Anderson.

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