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Drinking Diet Coke Does Not Mean You’re On A Diet

Friday, February 11th, 2011 by admin

Remember- the taller you are, the easier it is to be slender. But trust me, you still have to work at it.

James Duigan has been Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer for the last 15 years and he’s recently revealed the secrets behind her enviable figure. He believes that the first step to weight loss is a strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Duigan offers these tips to lose weight and stick to your diet:

*Make the commitment! Find the determination to make changes to your eating habits and, most importantly, to stick to your diet.

*Eat clean and lean – eliminate processed foods from your diet.

*You need to eat lean and clean. Once you get that right, everything else will fall into place.

*Cut out wheat and sugar. Eating processed, low-fat food and drinking diet coke does not mean you’re on a diet.

“It’s not fat that makes you fat, it’s sugar.”

Duigan doesn’t believe in diets that make you count calories, measure portions or ban certain foods. He thinks these types of diets are a waste of time and a solution to lose weight, but only for a short period of time.

*Find the exercise that works best for you. Not everybody can do certain exercises so it’s better to experiment and find those exercises that fit you.

His last tip is to stretch before bed, it’ll help you get a flat tummy.

Duigan is a real believer in these tips, saying that if these are followed properly, anyone can get to have a fit body in about a month.

And trust me- they believe that EVERY OUNCE COUNTS.

Do you find Duigan’s advice do-able? Believable?
Can you find a way to incorporate these ideas into your lifestyle?

Tune In- Weight Loss Will Follow

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 by Fable

I woke up to a little dog barking, I was at first irritated. But when I peeked out my window, I saw that he was joyfully romping around and playing, and the barking was just his happy chatter.

So doing what I ask you all to do, I tuned into my body- where was it feeling good and where would it like attention. As I have said before, I have created a routine of incorporating small physical stretches and movements into my morning pattern. Like rolling my shoulders to loosen them up while the coffee is brewing. I do this to start my day- thinking and feeling as positive as possible about my body. I’m IN TUNE with it.

I already have a very positive attitude about how I will eat today and have sort of honored where my body is and know how to care for it. I’m excited to go move around in it and see where I can strengthen it today at the gym.

This week’s focus during my workouts is six 30-min workouts- 20 mins cardio, 10 mins heavy weight lifting. Now, I can stay longer but I am only asking myself to show up, get in and out in 30 mins. The reason is I feel a lot of pressure to get so much done , and yet I want to get in BETTER shape. So I’ll try this this week.

So, go out in the world today and get IN TUNE  with your surroundings. Don’t judge anything until you see what’s really going on and then turn that focus on your body. Feel what’s happening inside. Let it talk to you, then listen and respond.

Every Ounce Counts


Five Instant Ways Not To Overeat

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 by Fable

Here you go. Quick, easy tips that’ll help you to cut down on how much you eat.

1. Drink 6-8 oz. of water before every meal.

2. No alcohol issues? Drink half a glass of wine BEFORE dinner.

3. In the morning, use vitamins and healthy supplements to keep your energy as high as possible.

4. Eat a low-sugar, low-cal cookie or slice of bread before a meal.

5. Do 30 minutes of cardio as soon as you wake up- those endorphins will keep you jacked up all day.

Remember, Every Ounce Counts.


Pressure…Bad or good?

Thursday, November 25th, 2010 by Fable

Pressure from work, kids, family, finances, the future. Are we prepared for it? Will it be better?

The past, is it still affecting us? Crime, technology, our bodies, society and all its statements of what’s important. AAAHHH!!!

Alright, but some pressure is good, we humans need motivation. Some motivation comes from seeing something that society is selling and saying “that’s actually better for me,” like staying in shape. And if we were all mental giants I suppose needing outside pressure wouldn’t be necessary. Until that day…

In L.A., where I live, the pressure is enormous to be slender and beautiful or you’re out of the mix. I know this sounds awful, but the side effect is that it keeps us all at the gym and watching our diets, and that is a positive. It keeps me focused on my weight loss goal. Where I am looking to be is centered in the healthy world of giving my body what it needs and a more balanced spirit with which to feed it. I would like your feed back and perspective, please post in the forum where your outside pressure hits and would it REALLY be better for you if it disappeared?

Do you find pressure to be a good or bad influencer?


Every Ounce Counts