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Hello Club Weight Loss Members,

Fable-photo-headshotMy story begins with many challenges as many of our stories do. My biggest psychological challenge is today and always has been acceptance. I was put in foster care at preschool age. Then a few years of semi-stability, then some barely manageable chaos. From age 7 on, it all went downhill.

Though I had many angels along my way, and safe havens to dwell in, the concept of being inconvenient, and a fish out of water was inescapable.

I left at 19 to start my private life. I have left out all the frightening details that might extract sympathy- that's not my goal here. I will share one story from my foster care years that will give you a snapshot of my food issues.

I don't eat avocados, in any form, because I was forced to eat several in a row when I said I didn't like the taste. And here is a sample of my childhood in regards to candy, which still plagues me. I was allowed to go to the store anytime I wanted with a quarter. Back then, each candy bar cost 5 cents, so I did as any child would- I bought 5 candy bars. So that was a way I was shown love. Give Fable her favorite thing.

Again I'm not looking for sympathy but hoping to bring to LIGHT examples of how easy it is to have
food be the dependency in life. Comfort, instant gratification, distraction. I have battled using food more like a drug than the fuel to run my body all my life.

This website will keep evolving and growing for the sole purpose of bringing to light all the puzzle pieces that created our weight issues. While offering us some long term ways to reach our weight loss and weight management goals, short term boosts to get us started, emotional tools and journeys to delve into. We feel that there are many options to create your "Puzzle" of recovery.

For over 30 years I have worked in the fashion and image industry, showing women how to look as beautiful as they can be and still be authentic to themselves and their lifestyle. The by-product of this for years was I was able, even at my heaviest, to look as put together and fashionable as could be. What's interesting is most people don't remember how fat I was. They just remember I should probably lose some weight. I was obese. I'm 5'2" and I weighed 210. No one really remembers me so big because I dressed well, and did my hair and makeup. So, because I didn't try to hide away under non-descript "nothing" looks, I was accepted for the most part as "normal."

I never behaved like a fat person. But being in those dressing rooms, and hearing three decades of women unhappy about their weight, body shape and appearence, has driven me to create this website so we can all get a reality check on ourselves and pass it on to the next generation.

     I am available for guest speaking, for select groups or organizations.Contact me at:fable(at)clubweightloss.us


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