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Make Weight Loss Easier With Fight Or Flow

Thursday, December 30th, 2010 by admin

I heard the term “fight or flight” growing up. It’s a simple concept explaining the choices we make  during confrontation, and challenges. We do this today even in the simple things, like a disagreement with our child or even just a coworker. Do we stand our ground or let it go?

I would like you to try to choose instead “fight or flow.” The stress we experience every day is a huge contributor to why we ignore our health. It’s why some of us choose food to shove down our feelings. But try this: with every day-to-day challenge or obstacle, you just take a beat and ask yourself, ‘What would bring ease and happiness fastest?’

It’s just an experiment right? So choose Flow… Easy… Happy. It’s good for your body and keeps you upbeat and able to maintain your focus.

What do you find makes things flow for you? What makes you happiest?

Remember Every Ounce Counts,


Lady Gaga’s Muffin

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 by admin

The very reason I have a celebrity section on this site is because of shallow shots like this of Lady Gaga. And so begins my rant…

When, please tell me when, will our starstruck, gossip-mongering society stop feeding off the imperfections of the famous. I know all too well the sad, mean-spirited, grade-school attitude, and jealously that humans use to power their egos. But celebrities have to take the brunt of the insecure verbal smackdowns, and out-of-context pictures positioned to to bring them down.

It’s not enough that Lady Gaga is a great entertainer, pushing idealistic boundries- she’s in the public eye whether she wants to be or not. Nope, she also has to maintain a body that meets the MEDIA’S ideal. And that, these days, is nothing short of bone-jutting.

I was looking at art in a gallery recently. And we ask nothing of art but to speak to us in some trancendent way. Art can make us think, or laugh, or inspire. But never once do we ask art to meet OUR particular standards. It is simply there to gaze upon.

I’ve said many times that it should have been enough for Marilyn Monroe to be beautiful, and playful. Like art. But society, in order to feel better about themselves, must criticize. And so she was ridiculed repeatedly. Perfection is and of itself damning.

We wonder sometimes ‘where did that entertainer go?’ Well maybe, when enough of their human-ness has gone VIRAL, they just stop.


Fashion Over Fat

Monday, December 13th, 2010 by Fable

We have all heard it and said it, “I don’t want to buy clothes until I lose weight.” Well my friends, we all know how that has worked out, don’t we?

I challenge that behavior completely. Never wait to better yourself! EVER! Life is ticking by faster than you think and I never wanted to go out in the world looking dumpy, even at my heaviest .

Consequently, most people don’t remember how heavy I really was. They remember I always looked pretty, and should lose some weight, but they don’t remember me as FAT. I was practiced in the art of distraction.

Hair, make up, and a fashionable look was in place at all times.  With this, my self-esteem wasn’t taking constant hits-  I was able to live a much-easier heavy life than most which enabled me to find a healthier road. And finally, a weight which, although is not IDEAL, is 60 lbs lighter than before.

Don’t waste one more minute of your life looking anything less than your best. And I mean even when you’re going to the super market, in case you run into friends, you should always look SASSY, period!

This one change will power your weight loss over the next few months- IF you are consistent and excited about putting yourself together. In another blog I will give you ideas on how to achieve this simply and efficiently without laying out a ton of money.

What are you favorite ways to make yourself look sassy?

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Every Once Counts

Your Chemical Imbalance

Thursday, December 9th, 2010 by admin

We hear all too often that this child or that person has a chemical imbalance. So what’s the first thing the doctors do? Give the child more chemicals to balance their chemical imbalance. Really? Help me out here.

Yes, sure, there are the few exceptions that apply. But in the last few decades, the pattern in medicine, and the business world at large, is to take the unusual and make it mainstream. Take a problem, make you afraid to have that problem, and then sell you the answer to a problem you never had. Great business strategy… Very bad for society.

And our kids are suffering the most. Unless the parents have a grasp on the bulk of fearful info spoon-fed to all of us, the kids (who are connected to everything) are taking it in. A regular, steady diet of ‘there’s something off and you need THIS to fix it.’

But, unless our children are eating all their food at home, fresh-cooked, low sugar, and real fats, they are definitely chemically-imbalanced. Sugar in small controlled amounts is happy and healthy. But sugar is in all processed foods- the drinks they reach for, the low-fat diet foods they think are helping.

Herbicides, pesticides, companies irradiating our food. All these chemicals are flowing CONSTANTLY through our bodies ( chemical imbalance?). Now boost the sugar intake and insulin jumps. Insulin is a chemical- now you have a chemical imbalance. All the hormones in our meats and dairy products to “BEEF UP” the animals, more chemicals…

Listen, I could go on but my rant is clear enough. But I do have an example to give you a picture of how to get a handle on this. We have all heard stories of someone being in the hospital and that all the drugs they were on were creating problems. Many times the patient had to stop taking most of the drugs and clear the way and start fresh.

Don’t misunderstand me- I believe in medicine and I’m alive today because of the men and women who sit quietly and search, and research for answers for when our body is under attack. But each chemical, or drug, usually causes a new problem. Sometimes that HAS to be done. But, too many drugs or chemical combinations and you have a damaging cocktail.

So I want you to start eliminating some of the chemicals from your life and your children’s lives. Save the drugs for when your body needs intervention.

Eat old school for awhile. Fresh- organic, no chemicals. Try this for a few weeks and see if your kids are calmer, losing a few pounds (and not really trying).

Eat REAL sugar, but keep consumption low.

Real butter, nothing man-made.

Iced tea, water.

You know what to do. It’s no harder than starting a new job. You would if your family depended on it. Well, guess what- it does.

And I’ll keep preaching about getting allergy tested. Just do it. Allergies are CHEMICAL IMBALANCES, TOO! Every time my body has to compensate for an allergy to a food I eat, it’s distracted from healing and giving me the energy I need and love.

Every Ounce Counts (especially with chemicals)