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Quick Weight Loss Versus Process

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 by Fable

Today, I want to discuss the concept of losing weight quickly vs. the process of becoming healthy, and reshaping our bodies.  Let’s decide to finally do away with immediate gratification and treat our bodies as if we were learning a new language.

And for most of us, we are learning a new language. All we’ve been taught to do is chase some fast-paced rabbit around the crash diet track.

Your new ideal of the right weight and level of health is to be decided by you.

Do YOU feel that energy that comes from vitality? Are you in an acceptable weight range for your height and activity level? Are you putting on your calendar things you love to do, or are you uncomfortable still because of how you look or your strength level?

If crash dieting worked, we would all be thin because we’ve all done it, REPEATEDLY. Let’s instead put more emphasis on BECOMING AS HEALTHY AS WE CAN, and I guarantee we will lose weight in the process.

If you need your comfort food today, have it. But have a big veggie-filled salad first.

If you gotta have your diet coke, have your water first. Take the supplements your “NUTRITIONALIST” gave you (see how I sneak that in all the time).

Want that bagel with cream cheese? Fine, then for dinner you need to cut calories and add something healthy to balance the day.

It’s project you.  Reshaping, redefining, and falling back in love with you.


Every Ounce Counts

It’s THEIR 15 Pounds!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 by admin

I was somewhere I never go, a crazy fun place where a very different group of people gather. The fascinating thing was, MOST of the women were a bit on the chubby side and were fine with it. They were wearing tighter clothes and low-cut jeans, small pieces of fabric that I think were supposed to be tops. These women were showing off, and completely owning their look. Trust me, the men were in costume as well, but it was the response of the men that held my attention.

Most of the women were really flaunting it, and the look was obvious and over the top. But then, a really pretty woman would show up and have dialed the look back a bit, have a genuine smile, not watching to see who’s checking her out, and she would get lots of attention …initially.

As the afternoon progressed, I would see the same men who spoke with her latching on to the trashier and less-together women there.This was freaking me out. How can these guys pass up classy, still sexy, and seemingly smarter women?

The men were moving on because the ‘together’ woman isn’t what they want, RIGHT NOW. They were hunting… And like any predator, they will take down the easy prey first- less work. They don’t want a connection, or conversation.

So you’re asking yourself, why is Fable writing THIS article for Club Weight Loss? Because women, especially single women, are always under the impression that it’s their weight, or their chest size, or hair color that limits the men who will give them the time of day. The real WEIGHTY issue here is, that it’s their 10 pounds of fear, their 10 pounds of commitment issues, or the fact that their last girlfriend blew them off for Mr. Porsche.

My point? It’s not your 10 pounds, or 20… It’s theirs. Listen, we have all experienced getting to know someone who we initially did not like the look of for whatever reason. Then over a usually short period of time, they are a happy part of your life- a valued friend or coworker, even a love.
So when you are passed up, left behind or not included, ask yourself do you know where that person’s head is at? If not, why assume your body has anything to do with it ? Just be a W.O.W! A woman of worth, that’s your job.

Your ‘diet’ is to cut out all the self-deprecating garbage, the self-doubt, and lack of belief in your place in this world. The universe just did you a favor, by editing for you.

And what about the mother who constantly criticizes her daughter… HER 15 POUNDS. The father who needs his son to be a sports star… HIS 15 POUNDS OF LOST DREAMS. The husband who never acknowledges the weight loss his wife has accomplished… HIS 15 POUNDS OF FEAR THAT SHE WILL NO LONGER NEED HIM.

Members- go to the Private Diary section of our site and put down a couple examples of people you initially didn’t like, but then loved.  And ask yourself, who’s 15 pounds is it really? Remember it’s usually not YOU.

Remember- Every Ounce Counts.


Word Play For Losing Weight

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 by Fable

I would love all my readers to talk to me about which words are the most appealing to them  regarding Losing Weight.


Does the term LEAN AND MEAN appeal to you?

Are you offended by certain terms? Like CHUBBY, FAT, OVERWEIGHT, LARGE, OBESE?

Language is so crucial, it opens doors and closes them just as fast. I’m on a mission to bring to light any and all obstacles that get in our way!

I’ve decided to take on the role of the WEIGHT WARRIOR!! We will arm each other for the battle! I have an arsenal, and together, nothing will stop us from getting healthy and lighter and happier.

Again, this site is a portal for all the tools or weapons available to us.


Every Ounce Counts

When Weight Loss Eludes Us

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 by Fable

When weight loss eludes us, it can be so depressing, and we can derail for long periods of time. Since being in the image industry I know there is always several things we have on our “physical wish list”. So then, what now? Ya know I always have a plan!

Go to the following link and download “Physical Wish List.” Print it out and fill it out!

This will be fun. (no, really it will). Some of these things will be easier than you think, some more difficult. But when we decide to take a journey,  it’s always interesting, and we always learn about ourselves and life itself offers up so much.

I’ll use my wish list to give you an idea of what I mean. Here are a couple examples of wishes and paths to achieve them.


Full, shiny, longer hair


a. Consult with my hair stylist.
b. Go to the Internet and Google how to have fuller, shinier hair.
c. Buy super shiny shampoo
d. Go to vitamin store- buy “Biotin” that makes your hair grow (Internet and hairstylist suggestions)

I now have full, shiny, longer hair, and that has helped my self-esteem and that always helps with the depression from weight issues.

And this HAIR journey has let me help several women with their hair issues!
Again, life offers up so much when you dive in.

WISH # 2

Have pretty looking skin on my legs so I could wear my dresses in spring and summer.


a. Tanning is out (and are you nuts with the pantyhose?). And all the bronzers created other issues. So I go to the local drug store and buy a well-matched $10 bottle of foundation that doesn’t come off on the clothes, and voilà !! I’m skipping around in my dresses again!

My hair looks great, my legs are pretty and I feel GOOD! Feeling good always leads to a brighter spirit and I usually can eat good when I feel good.

So, in closing, my partners in process, fill out your Physical Wish List, work on what you can, and keep chipping away at PROJECT YOU!


Every Ounce Counts