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The MOST Dangerous Place

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 by Fable

So I’m having a pretty healthy week, eating balanced and exercising a few times, mostly just doing enough interesting things that food wasn’t able to be at the forefront of my mind.

I’m tired, so I’m wrapping up my week with a much-anticipated night of film on my chaise section of my oh-so-comfortable couch. My uber-soft and snuggly throw-blankets are patiently awaiting my arrival. Sounds perfect…

What really should be on my couch instead of throw blankets is caution tape. A big giant roll of bright yellow CAUTION TAPE.

This is my MOST dangerous spot in my world. THIS is where I overeat. Not just overeat, I plan to overeat. I look forward all day to sitting there and watching my movies, knowing I will eat as bad as I can. This is, now, and always has been, the most fattening area of my life, my “DOWN TIME.”

Everybody needs it, everybody takes it, but not everybody misuses and abuses it. I can’t seem to just relax, without munching on something. And please don’t say to me “just munch on carrot sticks or celery.” If I thought that would be the magic answer, I’d do it.

Film is, and always has been, a passion for me. I’ll watch almost anything. But whether in the movie theater or at home, I can’t seem to sit there without eating as well. I went off on a personal attack against this horrible habit for awhile. I stopped going to movies, and made sure I was never home until bedtime. So, by the time I was exhausted enough, I relented, and rested and ATE.

Remember, I’m not here to tell you how I conquered the overeating monkey. I’m here to travel this road with you. I’m further down the road than many of you, but as you are witnessing by reading this, we all have our danger zones on this very tough road. My job is to point out the signs, give some directions, help you remove roadblocks, and put up your own CAUTION TAPE.


And remember- Every Ounce Counts!


Sunday, September 12th, 2010 by Fable

I love you Fable, but I’m so tired of looking at the world through the murky filter of that extra 10 pounds. I need to know if life will actually feel and be different if I’m at my ideal weight. So can you please find a way to get there? I’m officially desperate.

These thoughts of what I could look like, what I could feel like, clothes I could wear. These feelings of failure haunt me and bleed off precious energy I can no longer spare. Los Angeles is a pressure cooker of female imagery that can make any woman doubt her attractiveness.

That being said, I believe in you and your weight issues are small compared to a decade ago. What a sense of freedom to no longer have weight loss on your agenda. IMAGINE THAT.

With love,


Every Single Ounce Counts

Anchors For Weight Loss

Friday, September 10th, 2010 by Fable

I have a friend and I’ve known her for almost 15 years. But until I started this website and had to share my inner most fears and weaknesses in my own struggles with weight, I didn’t realize she fought as hard as I do sometimes.

She’s about as perfect physically as you can hope for. She’s able to play what she calls a SHELL GAME with her food (I’ll write more about that later). I’m having dinner with her last night (on purpose, she’s my slender friend I’m too embarrassed to overeat in front of- remember I tell you to use this trick to help when you’re off track). And I’m telling her how off track I am and she says ‘I need your Help- working out after work is disrupting my life and I no longer look forward to it.’

And in about 10 minutes we come up with a plan to only work out together MAYBE twice a week in the a.m., for only 45 minutes. Here’s the interesting part. I say to her ” Okay, twice a week and for an hour ( and already in my mind I’m feeling pressure and fear I can’t keep this commitment). She say’s “Why don’t we just plan one this week to see how we feel, and 45 minutes is plenty before a work day.” And like magic, I relaxed and I’m feeling like I can do this. AN ANCHOR.

So between my one real training session with my trainer, and my morning with my friend, I’m now on track to have a joyful, EASY workout plan again.

There are TOOLS around us everywhere, and together we can recognize them and share them. Let’s create a joy-filled path to health and physical strength. Please take a moment to post a comment sharing an ANCHOR  in your weight loss journey. Thank you- your comment will benefit someone somewhere.


And As Always Remember, Every Ounce Counts

Do You Know Your Bad Eating Habits?

Sunday, September 5th, 2010 by Fable

We have all developed some bad habits over the years. Let’s take a look at these and weed them out as best we can.

One of my bad habits is my believing that I can have licorice around and not plow through the whole bag.

Another habit is drinking anything but water, and thinking it is somehow low cal- things like diet coke, ice tea, and wine. These all create other problems, and impede weight loss.

A third one- I eat what’s on my plate and in a fattening pattern. I work away, saving the best for LAST, which means I have to eat the whole meal to get to my favorite bite.

If we just pay attention to HOW we eat, we can make small adjustments and end up lighter, sooner. It’s the habits themselves that detract from our progress. And since Every Ounce Counts, each small change (change being the optimum word) is the real answer.

This website is dedicated to offering you options, and alternative pathways to make these changes.


Every Ounce Counts